For all those curious folks out there that want to get ‘behind the blog’.

Duncan Kimpton

Duncan Kimpton
Welcome to my little space on the internet. Well, ok, to one of my little spaces on the internet. Like every developer, I have a long trail of web domains to my name, but this one is my main stomping ground.

I like to do a bit of everything from time to time, but my driving force is innovation, and I’m something of a perfectionist – which, let me tell you, is a painful thing to be in web development. Of course, that is why I have tended to prefer working on desktop software 🙂

I’ve been developing software for a long time now, over thirty years in fact. Ouch. Some of those years I’ve even persuaded people to pay me 🙂

Most recently I worked in the Netherlands for Optiver as a UI Software Developer building high-performance trading tools.

Before that, I worked as a Freelance Software Design Consultant. You can find my old business details at

Earlier still I had the pleasure of working for Avantium, Crystallics, and before that I worked in the UK for BatchCAD Ltd. Of the latter very few direct references remain but I did find this release article.

If you want to know more you can find me on Linked-In and Twitter.

Site Architecture

Built on top of the WordPress engine, this site uses a custom theme built from the ground up by yours truly.

It makes use of html, css, and javascript to deliver a minimal but functional interface.

Everything is hosted by who have over the years offered me tremendous value for money, and customer support second to none.

The back end is Linux, Apache, and MySQL… yes… we all know how bad MySQL is reputed to be, except it is still fit for purpose and it excels at delivering web content.