Currently I’m heavily into planning a total soil up renovation of my house. As a geek I have to research all the latest and greatest materials that can be used in construction. As a blogger I have to share the fruits of my labour with the world.

And what better way than by keeping a list of all the best materials I have found? Exactly. So here is that list:


Beco Wallform wall construction system, a sort of block based building system that produces solid pre-insulated walls. If I ever get to build a house from the ground up it will be done using this stuff.


Spaceloft is an aerogel thermal insulation product with extreme heat resistant properties.

Spacetherm Sold by A.Proctor Group it’s the above SpaceLoft product pre-bonded to plasterboard or fermacel boards. With a K-factor of 0.013 W/m2K. Insulation and convenience at a price.

Jakoboard Flexo is a flexible insulation board for curved walls with a k-factor of ~0.44 which is still pretty decent. They also have a solid board for use under tiles and is 1cm thick… a pretty handy option too.

Sound Proofing

Green Glue – 90% noise reduction in just 25mm? Sounds pretty impressive to me… especially given that those 25mm are also the structure of the wall!.


Speed Heat Underfloor electric heating which is just 1mm thick and goes directly under your floor tiles? Going to be very handy in my kitchen where I’m extremely short of both wall space and room height.

Danfoss SpeedUp is water based underfloor heating that is also supposed to be easy to lay and quick to respond. Has the advantage that with a heatpump it could in theory also be used as central cooling.


IQ Glass offers a range of incredibly insulating glazed products and even heated glass (the window as a radiator).



Kemie provides custom made ceramic worktops and wall finishes (from 4mm to 40mm thick and up to 3mx1.2m tiles). It is a very convincing finish and at a reasonable price.


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